How Not to React to a Tragedy


Typhoon Hainan was the natural disaster, but the response different individuals and institutions made in the aftermath was the tragedy. It’s time we made that clear.

The storm surge that wiped out coastal communities was bad, the fact that majority of the victims came from the lowest-income bracket made it even worse but the social media comments and the on-air sentiments made by several prominent people as well as ordinary people who then became prominent did nothing to alleviate that devastation.

When you see photos of debris from completely destroyed houses, the natural human response would be to feel sympathy. Yet, some not-so-intelligent members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) religion instead glorified the fact that amid the rubble stood a seemingly unscathed INC church. If that was not insensitive enough, some went on to say that it was ‘proof’ that theirs is the one true religion.


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6 Things You Need To Remember Through All Your Rejection Letters

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Not getting any responses from all those job applications?  Didn’t get a call for the second date? Getting hung up on all those sales pitches?  The most annoying part of life is the NO’s always come in crowds and YES’s come by themselves.

Don’t get dejected.  You’re awesome!  Here are some ways to keep that in mind when the world doesn’t necessarily agree.

1. Don’t take it personally

Realize the person saying no is just that–a person.  They might be having a bad day, or feeling particularly finicky.  A failure or a rejection is not a reflection upon your self worth, but upon the situational constraints of that particular time.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.

2. Happy lists are useful for creating a self-sustaining source of optimism

At our company we all have a collection of ten things that unequivocally brighten our days, which our colleagues can surprise us with…

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8 Ways To Transform Your Bad Day Instantly

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1. Write Down 10 Things A Day That You Are Thankful For And Why

Do this exercise every single day whether it is in your journal, on a scrap piece of paper or in your phone. Always start off with “I am thankful for because…”. When you can visually see all the things you are thankful for in life, you will soon see that they outweigh all the things that you THINK are bringing you down.

2. Get In Your Car, Put The Windows Down And Your Favorite Song On

One of the greatest forms of therapy is driving. It doesn’t even matter if you have a destination or not. There is something so therapeutic about putting on a great song, feeling the breeze and letting go of all your troubles in that moment.

3. Use Only Positive Thoughts And Words

This is going to sound cliché, but it’s true…

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9 Reasons Why You Are A Disgusting Pig

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1. You publicly bragged about “beautiful girls” sending you “sexy” photos when you made me believe I was the only girl you were romantically involved with at the time.

2. I would always catch you saying ‘Remember that time when we……” Each time you would ask that, I had to correct you and let you know that for example, I wasn’t the girl who you ordered Thai food with that month.

3. You said you weren’t sleeping around, but we both know how I caught you in that lie.

4. You would constantly say you would prefer heart over beauty any day because “men tend to age better than woman” and if you “marry for looks, you will be miserable.” Well Guess what? You chose looks over my heart and you look tired and worn out for your age and I look 27 going on 17.

5. All those times…

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10 Common Clichés And The Powerful Truths They Hold

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1. Actions speak louder than words.

In this day and age it seems like most people have the ability to say anything with absolute confidence no matter how untrue or just absurd it may be.  Most people will say just about anything to get what they want, so it is more important now to judge people by what they do and not what they say.  Anyone can talk a big game, but the truly great let their actions speak for them.

2. The grass is always greener on the other side.

When you spend your days chasing a “greener” pasture or just about anything really, you will forget to enjoy the chase.  When you’re constantly focusing on how things could be better, or how to make your next step, you never take the time to appreciate all the love and beauty that already surrounds you. The grass you currently occupy…

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3 Crucial Dating Rules For The Power Woman

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In the age of Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer, it’s not always easy to be with a power woman.  In fact, often you when enter to a relationship as a successful, attractive woman there become very evident power plays that become difficult to deal with.  How do you have an more equal relationship without making your man feel less worthy?

1. Stop Apologizing

The last time he cancelled on date night because he had work overtime, how many times did he apologize? Once. In the text message he sent notifying you of it.  You shouldn’t feel guilty for the couple times that you have to sacrifice, everyone has to do it.  Don’t make a habit out of it, but also be appreciative of the fact that you have a man that respects your professional life as well.  Also the more you say sorry, the less it means.  Save it for the times it counts.

2. Force…

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Top 6 Fantastical Album Covers Hand Drawn By Their Musicians: The Underrated Visual Artist

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Album cover arts somehow lost their importance in the wake of what I like to call ‘the virtual revolution’. Fewer customers are actually buying physical CDs or LPs nowadays, which is yet another unfair hit on the art scene and artists. I don’t know about you, but when I buy a music cd (whether online or in the store), I am always intrigued by the cover art. Album covers are extremely expressive and convey the theme of the overall music in the album in a beautiful creative way. Music and art go together like peanut butter and jelly, a perfect sandwich of awesome, this post attempts to prove exactly that.

I have nothing against digital art, but I seem to gravitate toward the fantastical charm of traditional art more. So without further ado, here are some of my personal favorite album covers I have collected over the years all Hand…

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7 Must-See New Shows You Should Start Watching Right Now

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Need a new show to pick up? How about seven. Recover from your disappointment with the Dexter finale by rebounding with something new. You need that in your life. The 2013 season has already seen some breakout hits (The Blacklist) and some total misses (Lucky 7), and here are some of the standouts from the young season for your rebound pleasure.

1. Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex is, by a mile, the best new show of the season, a stunningly realized vision of 1950s sex culture that feels fully formed right out of the gate. Masters of Sex is based on the true story of Masters and Johnson, the research team who started the conversation on human sexuality at a time when many were too afraid to ask questions. The pilot was directed by Shakespeare in Love’s John Madden and the period trappings recall both Kinsey

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The 6 Ex-Boyfriends You Will Have

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1. The “Not Around the Bros” Boyfriend”

There is going to be a struggle with this Boyfriend, and it is going to be cracking the elaborate morse-code-and-tap-dance-combination that is getting to be even remotely a part of his friend life. He has his bros, you see, and as you are not in possession of a penis (the sole quality required to be a participant in the Bro Club, as far as you can tell), you are going to be ritualistically excluded from all things platonic love. You want to hang out with him in the presence of his friends occasionally? Mmmm, yeah, no… that would be weird. You attempt to hold his hand whilst gallivanting with said bros in one of the precious moments of girlfriend co-mingling? Please don’t do that, it’s embarrassing. You are essentially the romantic equivalent to his mother pinning his mittens to his coat in front…

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The 6 Types Of Ex-Girlfriends You’ll Have In Your 20s

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Your 20s, a span of ten years that there are definitely not enough articles about, is filled with exes–girls, boys, and drinks once loved and lusted after. Here are some of that first one:

1. The Probably Still Not Over It “Random Texter”

“Hawthorne Heights just randomly came up on my Pandora, just thought you’d appreciate 🙂 “

Your last physical contact was over three years ago, and you still have sort of a bitter taste in your mouth as to how it ended–but nonetheless, these sorts of texts “randomly” pop up once every three months. And they always seem to be crafted with the intention of resurfacing some sort of inside joke, as if to recapture the fun brand of intimacy you two once shared.

Even though you’re both well aware this ‘ship has long since sailed, you weirdly revel in these occasional nostalgic blasts. Particularly given that…

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