Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

“What’s crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!”

Let’s face it, Yuno Gasai is one crazy bitch. People are shouting that she is the representative of the Yandere group in the Dere-grouping system. She’s everything anyone sane is afraid of crossing.

But Yuno Gasai is not all that bad, is she?

Let’s state the facts.

First off, she grew up in a bad environment. She comes home to an abusive mother and an absent father. She grew up feeling as if the world could take anything from her and she wouldn’t be able to fight back (her mother embodying this concept with torture). Next, she was trained as the ‘perfect citizen’ by her mother and so she had high grades and popularity. People still liked her enough and respected her but that didn’t translate to being with her or protecting her, it just meant that they admired her from a distance. Lastly, Yukiteru Amano’s offhanded agreement to her proposal of marriage which became her ray of hope in the most desperate time of her life.

These three factors brought her to what we now know her as: a homicidal bitch.

Though you have to hand it to her, she was a wild card right from the start. From the stalking to the killing, I think that her role as a wild card was heavily misunderstood with people believing that she was an antagonist almost all through out the series. Yuno Gasai would stab, hack and saw anyone that would stand in the way of her and Yukiteru’s love; even Yukiteru himself got a taste of her torture. But she can’t only be defined by her homicidal tendencies without bringing up the topic of her love.

Yuno Gasai was a maiden in love and she went lengths in order to secure a future where she and Yukiteru would be together.

Now that is still true love.


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