25 Social Rules I Learned The Hard Way

Thought Catalog

1. When you tell somebody that they “look good today,” it’s important to realize that the more astonished you appear, the less of a compliment it becomes.

2. If an acquaintance follows you on Twitter, you have anywhere from 15 minutes-48 hours to follow back. This number decreases with each brand new tweet, which clarifies that you’ve been on Twitter. Essentially it reserves a table at ‘Unfollowing’ for the bitter party of one.

3. Everything said in #2, but replace “Twitterwith “Instagramand “tweet” with “photo.”

4. Dropping your phone so hard that the back pops off and battery skids across the ground or the screen cracks is one of the few ways to garner genuine sympathy from a stranger in this day and age.

5. People really love or absolutely hate feet. There is no middle ground. They either…

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