6 Social Situations That Aren’t A Big Deal, But Give Me Anxiety

I think that what I fear the most in social situations is written here well. Fear of compliments, new outfits, and, what’s that? How do you pronounce that? POTA-TO or PO-TAY-TO?? @_@

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6 Social Situations That Aren't A Big Deal, But Give Me Anxiety

1. Icebreaker Circles

Basically the point of these things is to go around one-by-one, and give the scoop on yourself, listing a few basic things, like, the junk that would be mentioned on a Wikipedia page about you. The funny thing is, if you don’t enjoy that ten seconds in the spotlight, this is a nightmare scenario. You wait in anticipation, dreading your turn as your mind races.

Oh, crap – what am I gonna say? My knees are shaking. My hands are so moist. Ew, I just said moist – did anybody hear that? No, dummy, these are thoughts, they can’t hear you… But what if they can? What if everyone here reads minds and they’re laughing hysterically to each other about how stupid your pants are, and the fact that you used the word moist. I’m on to you people; I know you can hear this, you bastards.

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