10 Moments As A Man That Make Me Envious Of Women

I do like this list. I like this list a lot.. 😉
Sadly, it also reflects our gender-stereotypes/biases. But, boy, am I glad I’m a girl! 😀

Thought Catalog

1. When I see the inside of a woman’s purse and realize just how much stuff it holds. I can’t even fathom how nice it must be to have so many of your favorite belongings in a sack by your side at all times. To walk around carrying whatever you please from necessities to random goodies would be awesome to someone who’s never had that luxury. Lip balms, chewing gum, makeup, perfume, lotion, candy, etc. Some women’s bags basically contain a condensed Walgreens, and for that I am jealous.

2. When I’m seated on a toilet and my man part touches the bottom side of the seat. Every time this happens to any man, it’s a disgusting tragedy, and even the least bacteria-conscious dude turns into a germaphobe when their most precious body part comes in contact with such a disgusting area of the toilet. In that moment, all of the…

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