20 People You Will Meet In Your 20s

Thought Catalog

1. The person who is a perpetual student. This guy/gal is choo-chooing towards 30 with a brave little conductor hat on, still in the full swing of student life. They have, like, eight degrees by now and you’re pretty sure they either have a bottomless trust fund or are planning to commit suicide on graduation day to avoid their 6-digit student loan debt. Remains to be seen.

2. The girl whose life becomes a walking Pinterest board. This is the girl whose entire social presence will be Instagram photos of her DIY twinkly-light headboard, homemade cake pops, and calligraphy workbooks. Do something for her, and she will handwrite a thank-you note in perfect lettering. You will stare at that note, and her pictures of cake pops and vegan stir-fry and rooftop summer dinner party, and think of all the myriad levels of Martha Stewart-chic your pathetic life will never attain.

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