22 Things Women Think At The Bar

Thought Catalog

1. “Can I still sit at the bar with the big kids if all I want is mozzarella sticks?”

2. “I hope they have some of that suburban soccer mom white wine, that shit gets you so wasted.”

3. “Oh my god, why do we not come here more? That bartender is way too hot to be working here. He should be in one of those fusion restaurant bars where they have hanging paper lamps and Rothko prints on the walls.”

4. “Notice me, hot bartender, for I will love you more than any of these other swamp creatures trying to get you to do shots with them.”

5. “How does anyone actually meet their romantic life partner at the bar? The only guys who ever actually approach you here smell like canned ravioli and start their opening lines by touching you right above your ass.”

6. “Don’t say, ‘Can…

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