7 Lies We Have To Stop Telling Our Friends

Thought Catalog

Lie: “I’m not feeling well right now.”

What We Really Mean: “I just don’t feel like going out.”

Why It’s Terrible: There are only so many times you can use the “I don’t feel well” excuse before people are either going to not believe you or start avoiding you altogether because they assume you have some horrible auto immune disorder that prevents you from ever being able to go to dinner at a regular time. Sometimes it’s just better to admit that you aren’t into whatever it is, so people at least know that when you do cancel something it’s because you have come down with the flu. You don’t want to become the guy that no one ever counts on because you are only too happy to cancel whenever it suits you.

Lie: “Your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other is great.”

What We Really Mean: “I don’t like them for various reasons…

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