I Used To Give Out Sex Like Gold Star Stickers (And I’m Glad I Did)

Thought Catalog

The phrase “the hookup culture” must do boffo clickthrough on the New York Times’ website. Why else would the country’s most respected newspaper debase itself, again and again and again, with regurgitated hand-wringing and “Girls”-sourced trend pieces on one of the laziest, least accurate stereotypes ever perpetuated about young women? (And yes, I know it has a lot of competition.)

The End of Courtship?“, by Alex Williams, quotes Hanna Rosin so extensively that it reads like the second verse of “Boys on the Side,” Rosin’s recent Atlantic column. Women are hooking up because changing power dynamic! The End of Men! And so on.

I am a member of the cohort they’re talking about — 27, upper middle class, East Coast, secular, etc. — and I have to say that these pieces resemble my friends’ and my sexual histories about as well as that random elderly…

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