12 Things No One Wants To Hear You Talk About

But.. My kitty finally covered his own poop! @_@

Thought Catalog

1. Your dietary restrictions. So you’re lactose intolerant, a sometime vegan, and occasionally eat bacon? Um, k. Death to these kinds of food conversations please. I don’t want to hear about the cultures in your yogurt (“IT’S ALIVE!”) or that you have started to brew homemade Kombucha with your live-in lover Mambo.

2. Your dream last night. Because hearing you talk about your dream is my nightmare.

3. How broke you are. The people who talk about not having any money are usually the people with the most money. “Seriously, I have no money right now,” they tell you as they clutch their $600 bag and order a $20 entree. “I don’t know how people do this like every day.”

4. How amazing your relationship is, which I know I know, sounds so Bitter Single Person, but like, unless your friend is also getting unlimited BJs and scalp massages too…

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