10 Things I’ve Learned From Being Dumped

Thought Catalog

  1. You will want to die. Maybe not literally but you’ll wish you could just fast forward six months later when you’ll already be over it(ish) and potentially hooking up with someone else. If this isn’t your first time being dumped, you know that it can take forever to feel okay again but you will eventually be fine — it’s not like when you were 17 and thought you were actually going to never recover. No, you know this grief won’t last, which makes it almost more annoying in a way. Since you’re aware that it’s temporary, you’ll be thinking, “Can I just have a fast forward button so I can be over feeling crappy? Chop chop, grief. I have stuff to do!”
  2. Your friends hate you. Not at first, of course. In the beginning, they’re loving and supportive and do all the things friends are supposed to do during a…

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