5 Embarrassing Social Blunders You Have Maybe Made

Thought Catalog

Gotten into a ‘mumblehole.’ A mumblehole is something that unexpectedly happens. As if your real-life person had some kind of volume control that was accidentally turned way down, a mumblehole is this thing you do where you can’t stop talking at a volume way too low to discern by the opposite party. I’m unsure what causes them. They’re strangely difficult to get out of. In the presence of you in a mumblehole, a person must repeatedly ask “What?” and sometimes fake like they’ve understood you by nodding and saying “Yeah” or giving some other form of inscrutable answer in the effort of stating something so general that it might apply to anything you may be mumbling, at that time. This is embarrassing for the both of you. You will feel ashamed for it for up to a month after the incident, depending on how deep your well of latent shame…

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