The Complete Guide To Having Sex In Your Twenties

Thought Catalog

The “I can’t believe I’m seeing you naked” sex

“I can’t believe I’m seeing you naked” sex could be either good or bad. Your disbelief could stem from your joy of finally being able to seal the deal on a long-standing crush, or you could actually just be shocked that you’re having sex with someone you have no interest in. Either way, it’s exciting! Like unwrapping the weird-shaped box under the Christmas tree! You’re just like, “What the HELL could be under there?”

Double the sex: Blast “Underneath Your Clothes” by Shakira during coitus and whisper the lyrics, “Underneath your clothes, there’s an endless #NotClearOn story…” in their ear

The “Why don’t we make sense anywhere else other than the bedroom?” sex

Great sex can be a curse if it doesn’t translate to your brains. It’s a cruel joke, this idea that you could be so in tune with someone…

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