50 Questions That Demand Answers

Thought Catalog

1. Is he going to text you back?

2. If you have sex in a dream, are you still a virgin?

3. Is it tighty-whities or whitey-tighties?

4. Are American Apparel bodysuits made for American Girl dolls?

5. Is having a beer butt bad, like having a beer gut, or good, like having a bubble butt?

6. How do birds learn to fly without bird internet to watch TED talks on?

7. Is hotmennonite4u a good dating profile name?

8. How would a cavemen deal with not having real-time stats at his personal thoughts blog?

9. Is it special when your man cries while making love?

10. What day is Jenny Lewis appreciation day?

11. Should I sext my partner during sex?

12. Where do French men learn to smoke cigarettes?

13. How do U follow someone on Tumblr?

14. What’s the best song about jumping?

15. Why should life…

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