A Guide To Loving Your 20-Somethings

I’m turning 20 only this year and yet I can relate more to the person trying to relate with 20-somethings.. Lawl?

Thought Catalog

Your 20-something will attempt to talk to you. They will say words and be articulate. Many of them are smart and/or have been to very expensive colleges. However, they will also say many non-words. You’ll want to be prepared.

Sometimes they will say out loud the acronym “l.o.l.”, but they will pronounce it fully as a word that sounds something like “lawl.” In these cases, “lawl” usually means the same thing as the acronym “l.o.l.,” or “laughing out loud.” However, it can also mean “no,” “of course,” “never,” “definitely,” “maybe,” “I like you,” “I hate you,” “don’t touch me there,” “this barista has made me uncomfortable,” and “I’m not sure.”

Speaking of not being sure, I’m still not sure about how to react properly when they #speak #in #hashtags, as some of them are wont. Just try changing the subject. In fact, change the subject to punctuation, specifically to hashtags…

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