The 5 Stages Of Grief You Go Through When You Find Out You Have Herpes

Thought Catalog

1. Denial

There’s no way.

I got a second opinion. I actually went and got tested somewhere else. It just wasn’t possible. After all, I’d only ever really had sex with one person and never without a condom. And with other people I hadn’t done the deed with, I still had been so responsible. Really. There was no way anything like this could have ever happen to me. I went to work right after my appointment, in a daze. In disbelief. Pretending that my afternoon spent in urgent care was all just a bad dream.

2. Anger

Fuck him.

When I found out who had passed it on to me via a cold sore on his lip, I stole his idiotic, hideous, ironic jorts he left at a friend’s house, soaked them in paint thinner and burned them, as two very pleasant drunk passers-by warmed themselves from the bonfire my…

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