How To Shop At Forever 21

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Shopping at Forever 21 is not easy. The clothes are of questionable quality, made from materials no one has ever heard of, it’s disorganized and you’re probably going to leave disappointed. Yet in spite of this, girls keep heading back for more, hoping that one day they’ll hit the jackpot. While I can’t promise that you’ll find the perfect dress for that dinner thing, I encourage you to follow this handy guide for a positive and rewarding Forever 21 experience.

  1. Check out the Forever 21 website. Dang, there’s some okay stuff on here. You could definitely wear that skirt to work in the summer.
  2. Head to the store with a few items in mind but forget all of them when you arrive and look out onto the disorderly sea of clothes before you.
  3. Walk around really slowly and sift through the racks. Nope, no, this might be alright, definitely no.

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