The 12 Women (Almost) Any Gay Man Would Sleep With

Thought Catalog

There are just certain celebrities that make your sexual preference a little flimsy. Am I right? Maybe not every gay man would sleep with these women. But this gay man would.

Lindsay Lohan

Your friends may say things against it. James Franco once refused the Lohan and my friends say things like “if you prefer that your genitalia remains intact and free of VDs…” Like that’s going to stop me?! Everyone has battle scars.

Blake Lively

Everyone wants to be near Serena Van Der Woodsen, if only to get close to her husband, Ryan Reynolds. XOXO


There’s no explanation really needed. I’m crazy in love with this bootylicious woman. I would go as far as to put a ring on it. She could get me bodied in her freakum dress, leaving me speechless. After all, she is a grown woman.

Kelly Kapowski

If you try to tell me you…

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