10 Awesome Ways To Be That Perfect Single Friend

Thought Catalog

1. Have a great sense of humor.

Be really quick, clever and hilarious. You should also be really outgoing and have an all-around great personality. Pretty much everyone will love you… And when no ONE loves you, it’s somewhat fulfilling that EVERYone loves you.

2. Be somewhat of a party animal.

Not like at the level of Lindsay Lohan or pre-domesticated Snooki, but definitely have a well-known social presence. You have to be fun as hell… or else you’re basically useless. It is also recommended that you be open minded to pretty much anything because you need to always have a great story from the weekend. If the opportunity for some free coke presents itself, don’t completely rule it out. If you’re curious, do it. Try things… the only person who you really have to answer to is yourself… no significant other to get mad at you for doing some…

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