10 First Date Deal Breakers

Thought Catalog

I have been on so many dates where within five minutes of meeting the dude I know that this. is. not. going. to. work. But I’m nice, so I see the thing through anyway. It’s always those little, superficial things that are total turn-offs, like the time I never called this guy back because I hated the sound of his voice. I know, I’m awful.

But these are the snap decisions we all make on first dates, decisions that would ordinarily classify us as overly judgmental. But guess what! That’s what a first date is! You’re judging and assessing some select dudes/girls from a pile of many and choosing the one(s) you like best.

Here are 10 first date deal breakers. What are some of yours?

Bad Breath

That first date with a new special someone should really take your breath away, but not because you’re gasping for…

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