14 More Old Words That Should Still Be Used Today

Thought Catalog

1. Soothfast

What it means: Truthful, honest.

As in: Be soothfast with me, bro: did you drunk-eat my Pringles last night?

2. Erotographomania

What it means: A mania for writing love letters.

As in: How are things going with Greg?/ Oh, we broke up. I think he has erotographomania./ Oh my gosh I’ve heard of that — it’s like gonorrhea but worse, right?

3. Mammothrept

What it means: A spoiled child.

As in: Want to go to the pool?/ No!/ How about we watch a movie?/ No!/ Are you hungry?/ No!/ Well then what do you want to do?/ iPad!/ iPads are for grown-ups, you mammothrept.

4. Ganch

What it means: To execute by impaling on stakes or hooks.

As in: You picked up our dinner from Trader Joe’s instead of Whole Foods? What do I look like, one of those flash-in-the-pan yoga-lovers who try to pass bargain brands off…

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