15 Things We Should All Admit

Thought Catalog

1. Spooning sucks. Someone’s hair is in my face or my arm is gonna go dead. It’s not romantic. It’s uncomfortable.

2. We paid way too much for college considering we primarily picked where we went based on the party scene and whether the people seemed cool/the location was cool. You were 18. You did not pick based on academics. Stop saying you did.

3. Most of our time at the gym is spent getting dressed for the gym. If you “watch a workout tape at home,” it means you’re sitting on your couch not moving.

4. No one likes loud nightclubs. Everyone just goes hoping to get laid. No one is like, “You know what I wish I could do? Not hear for a week because some ‘DJ’ was playing Rihanna so loud people in Switzerland could dance to it.”

5. Jamba Juice is not “healthy.” It’s sugar.


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