5 Romantic Deal Breakers That Will Make Me Never Date You

Thought Catalog

I am fussy when it comes to romance. I didn’t used to be, which often led to tears, humiliation, and swaying drunkenly in my darkened bedroom after midnight, cigarette in one hand and wine bottle in the other, singing “Someone Like You” through sobs (note: I am tone deaf). I mean, I still do all that but in a much happier way that involves more S Club 7 and less Adele (unless it’s “Skyfall”), and doesn’t make my roommate worry that I’m going to slit my wrists in the bathtub.

Based on these past experiences, I’ve been able to compile a list of romantic deal breakers that, at face value, is completely superficial. But bear with me; these seemingly insignificant little things at the start of a relationship can often be indicative that something’s not quite right. And while there are some glaringly obvious deal breakers (is “Team Breezy”, often…

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