How To Get Over Your Fear Of Getting Eaten Out

Thought Catalog

Vaginas should really come with instruction manuals. Warning labels. Affirmations, meditations, every damn thing. Show me a girl whose vagina hasn’t freaked her the hell out on at least one occasion and I’ll show you a liar.

It’s for that reason that it can be extremely difficult to let someone else dive in head-first, so to speak. Vaginas can be freaky. And mysterious. They play by their own rules. How are you even supposed to know what’s going on down there? Depending on how tall you are, your vagina is like, miles away from your face. And you’re going to let another person get up close and personal without the slightest idea of what they’re getting into? You’re going to let them Pepsi Challenge your pussy?

You’re damn right you are. And you’re going to like it. That’s a promise, not a threat. But before we get ahead of ourselves…

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