Top 10 Signs You’re An Adult

Thought Catalog

10. All of a sudden everyone is taking about their “401k.”

I don’t even know what this is and apparently I have one. Yeah, come at me, I don’t even care — I have business cards, a big stack of them. It seems like everywhere I go, people are saying, “Did you cash in your 401k?” And it seems like everyone is vaguely afraid of touching it, like it’s a sleeping dragon. I just smile and say, “No, I haven’t” because Suze Orman said you shouldn’t unless you really need to and I trust her because I bet she has lots of business cards.

9. You have friends who have houses or really nice apartments.

By which I mean you no longer see unframed Marilyn Monroe posters barely clinging to the wall with painter’s tape or mattresses on the floor. You see real furniture. Real artwork. Real glassware! Nary a…

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