Understanding The Strange Dating Habits Of Twentysomethings

Thought Catalog

If you’ve been able to take anything away from my writing thus far it should be that twentysomethings are insane. We’re a neurotic bunch of commitmentphobes who are plugged into technology but often feel alienated from real life.

Nothing seems to exemplify this more than our strange dating habits. With the taboo of online dating quickly dissipating, more people are meeting each other online on a site like OKCupid, which has become the unofficial space for twentysomethings who aren’t typically into online dating but are tired of being single. Their profiles constantly make mention of the awkwardness and shame that comes with selling yourself online: “I don’t really know what to say here….I never do online dating but…”. Online dating can be great and I have no doubt in its ability to create long-term relationships. However, the people I know who use it are treating it like it’s the fast…

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