What Girls Think After Sex With A New Guy

Thought Catalog

You would think that “Did he come?” would be a common reaction, but there is rarely any doubt. While the female orgasm is as shrouded in mystery and insecurity as a suspense novel no one has ever read the last twenty pages of, male orgasm is usually pretty clear. She worries, though. Because his route to climax is so straightforward — so attainable even if she wasn’t there — there are always the questions about performance. “Will he talk to his guys?” “What will he say?” “Is there something I didn’t do enough of?”

Clips of Cosmo articles dance in her head, titles she was once so quick to brush off as ludicrous (as if there could be 101 foolproof ways to do anything, let alone a blowjob) become something of a cautionary tale. If only she had remembered to do a few more of those special tricks, maybe he…

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