What Happens When Guys Aren’t In The Mood To Have Sex

Thought Catalog

We’re told that we’re sexual beings. We pleasure ourselves to images of sex, we dream about sex, we crave sex. But we also go through periods where we don’t want it, where the mere thought of having it sends chills down our spine and makes our private parts recoil. In the past few weeks, that’s how I’ve been feeling. The few times I’ve made out with someone, I’ve felt like my heart (or perhaps, more accurately, my dick) wasn’t in it. Just the thought of having to get naked and grind on someone else has left me fatigued and disinterested. Even worse, masturbation has felt like a chore, something I’ve done out of obligation rather than desire.

This is sort of the worst nightmare for a dude. Society has been telling us since birth that we’re sex machines, which makes moments like these all the more miserable and terrifying. When…

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