What It Feels Like To Get Your D Sucked

Thought Catalog

Many of my girlfriends have asked me the question, “What does it feel like to receive a blowjob?” They tell me that they yearn for a penis just so they can experience it themselves. I, for one, understand this completely. I can’t imagine clocking in countless blowjob hours without a guarantee that you’re going to get yours. I like giving them mostly because I like penis. As a gay man, it’s sort of in my job description. But I’m not sure how pumped I would be if a blowjob wasn’t promised to me in return (unless of course, I loved the dude and we were in a relationship. Then you don’t keep score.)

But even though you should return the favor, it doesn’t mean you’re going to want to, especially if you’re with someone you don’t care about. And that’s okay! Because above all else,  giving a blowjob is exhausting…

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