7 Male Celebrities Who Might Be Secretly Gay

Well, as long as it is James Franco we’re talking about here.. ANYTHING GOES!! xD

Thought Catalog

There’s nothing wrong with being gay, which is why I’ve always bemoaned male celebrities’ reluctance to step out of the closet. Guys, you’re only perpetuating the gay stigma.

1. John Travolta

For reasons unknown, a predilection for scientology is often accompanied by closeted sexual preferences. Rumors that Travolta is gay have always been rampant, but in 2011, a cruise line employee accused Travolta of sexually harassing him. Though Travolta denied the claims, the allegations spurred other victims of Travolta’s harassment to come out of the woodwork.

2. Kanye West

Apparently Kanye is rumored to have had an affair with a prominent male fashion designer. I wonder who wears the leather kilt in that relationship.

3. Will Smith

Another Scientology enthusiast, Smith has been dodging gay rumors since he was the fresh prince. Back then, it was rumored that he spent a fair amount of time at West Hollywood gay clubs…

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