Stuff You Say To Someone When The Conversation Runs Dry

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“This weather has been insane lately! I’ve worn shorts for like three months straight. So beautiful. Seriously. I really can’t handle the winters though. I’m dreading it. Do you prefer summer over winter? I really have, like, seasonal depression or something. I get so sad in the winter. Do you? {PAUSE} Such a nice day out today.”

“Where’d you get your top? I love it. I have something like it but it’s not as cute. Oh, you got it at that store on Bond? I’m obsessed with that place! It’s so expensive though and once I bought a bag there and it fell apart after two weeks. Really bad craftsmanship at this place. But I really do love your top!”

“Have you ever seen *insert movie here*? I ask because you remind me so much of the lead character in it. Oh no, it’s not a bad…

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