The 10 Hottest Nerds: Female Edition

Thought Catalog

Olivia Munn? Not a nerd. Liking Star Wars? Not nerdy. Pretty mainstream actually. A hot actress who is in a lot of Joss Whedon stuff? Not necessarily a nerd. Probably just has a good agent.

So what makes a hot female nerd? I don’t think anyone can definitely say. Probably just someone who knows what they’re talking about. The above clip for example actually showcases Megan Fox and Rosario Dawson’s awesome nerdiness, while still poking fun at the trope that liking a bajillion dollar movie franchise is somehow “nerdy.”

Like, has anyone seen real nerds? They don’t just think Han Solo was hot. They know who Wedge Antilles and Jek Porkins are. Anyway, this list is plaguing me. I’m not sure what qualifies as a female celebrity nerd anymore. Here’s an honest try.

1. Danica McKellar

Winnie Cooper a.k.a. Danica McKellar loves math. She loves it so much she’s…

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