5 Things College Students Always Talk About

Thought Catalog

The celebrity or celebrity’s kid/s on campus.

There is a celebrity or celebrity’s kid on a lot of college campuses — the son of a famous local businessman/pastor, the daughter of a movie star, a senator’s son, a Kennedy — and this person will become a mythical creature on campus who gets talked about and glimpsed in the wild but never actually encountered. Inevitably, people on campus will talk about the celebrity or celebrity’s kid in the third person and someone in your social group will try to give the impression that they’re BFFs with said celebrity’s kid to make themselves seem cooler. I mean, I know people who “knew” James Franco when he was at my campus, and everybody talked about him all the time. I never hung out with him, though I did meet him briefly and shake his hand once at the Starbucks on Chapel Street. I…

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