10 Things Most Guys Don’t Even Notice About Women

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Hey Ladies, Here Are 10 Things Most Guys Don’t Even Notice
I’d just like to state the obvious: I don’t represent ALL men, nor do I think that I’m some speaker of the man cave. I do, however feel that my being a guy and having conversations over the years with dudes of all varieties (bros, hos, average Joes, etc.) gives me a legit, honest understanding of how their brains function. Just a heads up, the defensive guy in the comment section adamantly pleading “ABSOLUTELY NOT, THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO ME!” is most certainly the oblivious guy being discussed in each of these point.

1. Split ends.

I couldn’t even describe to you what a one looks like. If they told me to identify a split end or have my leg cut off, I’d immediately Google ‘custom made jeans for one-legged men’ before giving my best guess. I know what you’re thinking–who are “they” and why not use that Google search…

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