17 Types Of People There’s A Special Place In Hell For

Thought Catalog

  1. People who start to say something attention-grabbing, then stop short. EXAMPLE: “Oh my God! Did I tell you about what happened with Karen and I the other night?! — Actually, never mind…”
  2. Those pesky cell phone kiosk salespeople in the mall, who aggressively holler for your attention, even if you refuse to make eye contact.
  3. The obnoxious jackasses who clap at the end of movies. The cast and crew aren’t present in the theater, therefore your applause is unnecessary and pointless.
  4. Drivers who accelerate, cut right in front of you, and then go five below the speed limit.
  5. #People #who #Use #Hash #Tags #On #Facebook. To those of you who do this, the hash tag is meant to be used on Twitter, where it actually serves a purpose.
  6. People who clearly see you watching television, but still insist on talking over your show.
  7. Dog owners who let their beloved canines…

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