The Top Five People You Should Unfriend From Facebook

Thought Catalog

In the 21st century, the popular social networking site Facebook has made a verb of the term ‘friend’, and it is now common to ‘friend’ people on Facebook/field numerous ‘friend’ requests on a regular basis.

However, it is not always clear what the purpose of being Facebook ‘friends’ with someone actually is. In the case of an individual who is geographically distributed from you despite the fact you work together, or the individual once lived near you or attended school with you it makes logical sense to be Facebook ‘friends’ so you can see the pictures and updates from their life where you are not present [assuming you genuinely like this person and are interested in remaining connected to them in a superficial regard].

In the case of individuals with whom you are locally socially acquainted and enjoy hanging out, it makes logical sense to be Facebook ‘friends’ so that…

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