5 Embarrassing Things Everyone Does In The Shower

Thought Catalog

1. Carry on one-person conversations.

While it is slightly more understandable as the preparation for an argument — and even then, it’s strange — there is something about being in the shower that just makes you talk to yourself. Maybe you’re interviewing yourself for some incredible accomplishment, maybe you’re practicing how you’re going to sound nonchalant around your crush (because nothing says “carefree” like a “hello” you’ve rehearsed 87 times). In any case, the shower is the place where we break new grounds of “Good god, I hope no one can hear this” by living out rich personal and professional dramas in the form of talking to oneself.

Bonus points if you actually use different voices/accents for the different people in the imaginary conversation. That is a prestigious level of shower insanity.

2. Stand completely still for extended periods of time.

Even though you are constantly getting on your roommates…

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