10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try To Lose Weight In Southeast Asia

Thought Catalog

This mainly applies to those who roam the streets with camping backpacks literally the size of average kindergarten children and carry, in hand, titanic bottles that can hold enough water to bathe five fully-grown elephants.

Dear tourist of Southeast Asia,

Do yourself a favor and put down the colossal DSLR camera (unless, of course, you are taking photos for your #foodporn blog…in which case, please click away, my friend) and enjoy being immersed in a different culture. And don’t think about watching the scale because, (1) I have not seen a single weighing scale during my stay here–even if I had, it would show results in kilos, which, due to the lack of metric system in the U.S., would make less than zero sense to me, and (2) kilocalories ain’t no thang with the ten best foods of all time:

1. The laksa

This Penang coconut curry noodle soup is…

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