9 Reasons Guys Have Become Terrible At Flirting With Girls

Thought Catalog

1. AIM Syndrome

Too obvious not to include, the most recent crop of humans who need to get their shit together grew up in a time where a simple heyy 🙂 indicated that making out behind the elementary school playground was most certainly on the table. We’ve since graduated to texting, online forums, and apps, all things that have managed to turn courtship into a desensitized #lifehack.

Speaking of…

2. In The Age of Tinder, Flirting Might Be An Unnecessary Middleman

We’ve brought this upon ourselves, people. Technology has catered more to our primal needs than our intelligent ones, and apps like Tinder are all about maximizing efficiency and getting the job done. For strict hookups, flirting is arguably a cog in an outdated machine.

3. Physical Intimacy Before Emotional Intimacy

If you’re not finding love in the hopeless place known as OK Cupid, you’re probably trying find love while…

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