10 Reasons Not To Give Up On Love

Thought Catalog

1. You cannot force it.

Sometimes it’s been so long since you last felt the rush of infatuation that you are ready to answer any OkCupid message, accept any date, and meet any available friend-of-a-friend until you get it back again. It’s like a drug that you have gone so long without you can feel the withdrawal lingering in your bones, and you know that it’s somewhere to be found, you just have to look hard enough for your fix. But there are few things more exhausting than repeatedly, painfully looking for romance and trying to force it to happen, only to end up alone on yet another Friday night. Now, beyond the frustration of not having a relationship in the first place, you feel like an absolute failure because look how hard you’ve been trying. But it’s not a school project, there is no amount of baking soda…

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