11 Effective Responses To “Why Are You Single?”

Thought Catalog

If you’re single and a somewhat decent human being, you probably get asked from time to time, “Why are you single?” While this is a sort-of compliment, it is also one of those questions that is sort-of annoying, and having a good answer to this question can be difficult. But I have come up with some great responses that you can use, mix and match, and that really should leave both you and your inquisitor satisfied.

Here are my 11 effective responses to, “Why are you single?”

1. Because I’m on a dating fast except it’s not really a fast as much as I feel like I’m in the desert and I am barely surviving. The food and the water, like potential relationships, are really just a mirage. Wait….what was the question?

2. Because, Because… (Sit in silence for 30 seconds and then just burst into tears and leave the…

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