12 Lessons You Need To Learn Before Settling Down

Thought Catalog

1. You don’t have to get married right now. I know a lot of people who are friends with me on Facebook disagree about this, but no one is forcing you to get married right now. I get it: We were all sold the fantasy of falling in love in college and getting married after you graduate. It’s romance and heteronormativity and a lot of things that Amurrica really loves, and for a lot of people it works. But you’re 22 and not dying of leukemia: the fantasy won’t be any less fantastic if you give yourself three or four years before you — I don’t know — make the biggest decision of your entire life just because it’s what society expects you to do. Instead, you need to make life decisions that match your responsibility, commitment and maturity levels, and if there are still Facebook pictures of you half-naked and…

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