30 Nuggets Of Wisdom For 20-Somethings, From People Over 30

Thought Catalog

1. dummystupid

Your future. Being 20something isn’t that much better than being 30something. Enjoy the fuck out of your entire life. Be in the moment and don’t worry if you’re “missing out” on anything. You are never going to be able to go back, so keep looking forward. Be happy, make mistakes, and learn – no matter how old you are.

2. FinanceITGuy

Look after your teeth. Human life expectancy keeps going up in the developed world, but many of our body parts still come with short warranty periods. Sore knees and back are very common as you get older, but dental problems can really compound with age.

3. trua

You probably still have parents.

4. schitzengigels004

Your knees. Oh how I miss my knees.

5. straydog1980

Enjoy that youthful metabolism. I appear to get fat just inhaling air. And everything is sore after I hit the gym nowadays. I…

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