5 Gross Things Most People Do Every Day

Thought Catalog

This is the incredible grossness of being: the simple fact that by virtue of being a human, you are gross. For whatever prudish reason, society gives us a great dose of shame regarding the things our bodies do naturally. Excretion, gas, phlegm; if your body does it, it’s probably considered disgusting by everyone, probably even by you yourself.

Every day we are all just walking around as belching, farting, snotty balls of flesh and blood and guts, and oftentimes those inherently disgusting bodily functions are amplified and made grosser still by the way we react to them. Some of the things we do on a daily basis are mere reflex after years of habit, but many also born out of a perverse inclination to be fascinated by the tiny, mundane grossities of the human body. Here are 5 things most people do every day (and don’t get all incredulous and…

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