5 People You Need To Absolutely Avoid At All Costs On Facebook

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This is not coming from a cynical place (as some of my posts admittedly do). I just feel like there are people in the world that BLOW UP my newsfeed with the same damn things, and quite frankly I need a little more mental stimulation from my social media addiction. (Yeah..yeah I get it if I don’t want to look at it don’t be your friend..blah blah..but then who would I talk about??)

1. The New Moms

This will likely offend many. In the olden days before Facebook people used to have things called “Photo Albums.” They would take pictures, get them developed and put them in a BOOK. Years down the road, they would take those pictures out and bore their friends and family with them. NOW- they bore us all with them every.single.day. I think it’s wonderful that you had a baby. I do not think it’s wonderful…

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