5 Things I’ve Come To Realize While Addicted To Facebook

Thought Catalog

I am addicted to Facebook.

I am addicted to many things in life.

Caffeine. Sugar. Benzodiazepines. A strange, perverted high I feel when I’ve already formulated a rebuttal to someone’s argument they’re in the middle of giving.

And yet none of these come close to the danger my addiction to Facebook brings to the table. It sucks the life out of you, quickly though painlessly, and leaves you bored, boring, and distracted. Although my hundreds of Facebook friends tell me otherwise, it really just leaves me on a deserted, isolated island. And it’s certainly not paradise.

Many things in life are detrimental; there are advantages and disadvantages of everything. The Book really only leaves me shuttling toward my own regression though. I’m not sure I can include ‘being invited to a party to make up numbers’, nor knowing someone’s baby had their first steps, can really be counted as positive…

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