5 Things You Wish You Had The Guts To Say

Thought Catalog

1. Tell your annoying friend that you don’t want to hang out anymore

We all have those friends who haven’t received the “THIS FRIENDSHIP IS OVER” memo. They still ask to hang out, still send us desperate texts and what can we do? String them along by giving then false promises obviously. “I’ve been really busy” or “I had cholera” are all valid excuses that have bought you time until the next run-in. You fill them with lies because you think it’s doing them a favor but in reality, it probably just makes them feel more rejected. But telling them the truth is also a harsh bummer. You don’t want to openly be an asshole. That’s socially unacceptable! Being a flaky bad friend, however, is. Weird, right? If being honest with someone was socially acceptable, we’d be all over it. Who knows, maybe it will be one day! In the…

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