7 Lessons About Kissing I Learned The Hard Way

Thought Catalog

Kissing might just be the fun-est, weirdest, most magical pastime we humans have. It’s straight up strange and unexpected that we can derive so much happiness and joy from swapping spit and mushing our mouths together. And because I apparently can’t stop myself from endless self-reflection and picking apart of my life choices, I now present to you some of the toughest lessons I have learned on the road of making out. XOXO

7. If the first kiss isn’t butterflies in your stomach, isn’t delightful, isn’t totally addictive then this thing that you’re doing – it’s not going to work. I know! I really want it to work for you too –  but no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that everything else is good and he looks great on paper and he’s going to be doctor! and that you can teach him to be a better kisser –…

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