8 Reasons Why James Franco Is Actually A Great Man, And Deserves None Of The Hate

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It’s no secret that James Franco gets a lot of hate. Whether or not this hate is deserved is strictly your opinion; contrary to what the internet opinion herd may lead you to believe, brains are things that are allowed to come to conclusions independently.

My brain though, has come to the conclusion that James Franco has simply achieved success in a way that’s enabled him to self-actualize on a level that most of us, due to our creative and/or financial limitations, have been unable to remotely achieve. And if that last sentence sounded like something James Franco would say, good.

With that in mind, here are 8 reasons why James Franco’s story isn’t one that should be spearheaded with the vindictive ire of a bunch of liberals attending an Arkansas Pig Roast. Rather, it should be celebrated and admired:

1. He’s Very Good At His Job

There is…

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