A 20 Something’s Guide to Living Passively In A Passive System

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This is not an animal rights article nor is it not an animal rights article. Having said that, proceed.

The simple answer is to do nothing at all. We currently live in a system of commerce that requires very little input from ourselves outside of negative choices, not that, not that, not that. I’ve written on aspects of this before a bit but think about it, when was the last time you made a positive, affirmative choice? Yes, Starbuck’s? It’s simply the choice you were left with, not your ultimate preference. No, most of our choices are simply sifting through what we have left, what we haven’t rejected. It’s fairly similar to the mechanical processes in the video which, to me, represents the absolute commoditization of the concept of life as well as actual living beings. This isn’t news, nor does dwelling on it do much besides make us depressed. But…

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